Advanced aeration system

The main objective of this system is to upgrade the aeration of the activated sludge reactor by the implementation of an advanced control system that will help to reduce oxygen demand in the oxic chamber, and then minimizing the air injection and therefore the energy demand of the secondary treatment. This system will also improve nutrients removal in the system and avoid the presence and growth of filamentous bacteria that are responsible of bulking episodes in WWTP. 

A smart software will be specifically designed and implemented in a full-scale reactor of El Bobar WWTP, where the aeration dose, among other operational parameters (DO, pH, Redox), will be adjusted and controlled. With this data the system is able to reduce oxygen demand on one hand, and improve the performance of the system in terms of nutrients removal or suppression of bulking episodes on the other hand. 

The main benefit of the implementation of that system will be the impact on the energetic consumption of the plant, as the aeration entail between the 40 to 55% of the total energy outlay in a WWTP. However it will also mean an improvement on the nitrogen removal in the water line, which will have a positive environmental impact, due to nitrogen importance on eutrophication process. Finally the adjustment of the necessity of oxygen in the reactor will also fight the formation of filamentous bacteria, commonly known as bulking, which is one issue that also affect WWTP. 

With the contribution of the European Union

LIFE programme LIFE18 ENV/ES/000165


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