About the project


Main objective: The main goal of LIFE ULISES Project is to upgrade conventional wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) by different innovative technologies that produce useful resources from wastewater, such as automotive biofuel, biofertilizers and water for reuse.

Specific objectives:

  1. Energy self-sufficiency in WWTP

a) Producing bioenergy from sludge in the form of biomethane (GAS LINE)

b) Reducing energy consumption at biological process by: (WATER LINE)

  • UASB anaerobic pretreatment
  • Reduce in 1/3 the energy demand of the aeration system by an advance control system
  1. A “full recycling” concept in WWTP to improve resource efficiency:

a) Reuse of water by solar-based tertiary treatment (WATER LINE)

b) Obtain added value fertilizer products from sludge: (SLUDGE LINE)

  • Biofertilizer with phytostimulant properties produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of sludge 
  • Recover P & N from centrate in form of struvite and a concentrate fertilizer

  1. Reduction of carbon footprint of WWT process, performing a holistic analysis based on LCA.

With the contribution of the European Union

LIFE programme LIFE18 ENV/ES/000165


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