Plants integration and sustainability

LIFE ULISES project includes the study of the integration of the different prototypes installed. ULISES´s paradigm plans upgrades in all the working lines of a WWTP, leading to a more efficient wastewater treatment, concern with the circular economy concept and encouraging energy saving by the implementation of new technologies that could support the already existing ones.  

Integration of all the prototypes in the same plant will allow the complete study of the energetic impact of ULISES concept, by the implementation of techniques such as KPI and life cycle analysis (LCA). That way individual impact of each plant as well as the plant as a whole will be analyzed.  

Project sustainability will be evaluated through environmental management tools such as LCA. Thus, LCA will analyze the environmental performance of project actions, monitoring the transformation of current WWTP (i.e. high energy-intensive and polluter) into a highly efficient bio-refinery (i.e. source of raw materials and energy self-sufficient). To do so, two scenarios are defined:  

     i) Baseline, where the current WWTP is assessed in order to obtain environmental performance before project implementation, identifying the environmental hotspots. 

  ii) Prototypes installation, where the transformed WWTP —highly efficient bio-refinery— is assessed after proposed technologies implementation, addressing the environmental hotspots previously identified. 

Comparison of both scenarios will allow the evaluation of the efficiency of the different prototypes, getting to calculate the energetic and economic impact of ULISES concept implementation in a conventional WWTP. 

With the contribution of the European Union

LIFE programme LIFE18 ENV/ES/000165


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