Solar disinfection

The solar tertiary treatment will be based on the photo-Fenton process. The photo Fenton reaction is a photocatalytic reaction between iron, as catalyser, and hydrogen peroxide in presence of UVA light, generating hydroxyl radicals as product. Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive species that attack most of the organic molecules being able to inactivate microorganisms and remove micropollutants from wastewater. The feasibility of low-cost reactors such as raceway pond reactors operated in continuous flow mode for pathogen inactivation as well as micropollutant removal has recently been reported by several scientific reports. The design of these photo-reactors for the tertiary water treatment plant based on the solar photo-Fenton process, will allow a simple, versatile and economical construction and operation of the plant, taking into account the critical parameters in the scale up of the process from a technical point of view. Hydraulic residence times, liquid depth, reagents dosage and the seasonal period are the most important and limiting variables to carry out the tertiary treatment operating in continuous mode.

With the contribution of the European Union

LIFE programme LIFE18 ENV/ES/000165


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