Struvite plant

The objective of this technology is to recover nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) present in the liquid fraction of sludge after dewatering (centrate) which is usually recirculated in the plant for additional treatment, thus reducing global WWTP efficiency.

Centrate will be submitted to a forward osmosis process and, subsequently, subjected to a precipitation stage for phosphorous recovery as struvite, and nitrogen and potassium recovered in a concentrated liquid stream. This strategy will lead to the recovery up to 95% of N, P, and K present in the centrate, increasing the efficiency of the precipitation of struvite and the need of adding magnesium (Mg) or other reagents. In addition, regeneration of the drawn solution will allow to obtain water suitable for reuse.

With the contribution of the European Union

LIFE programme LIFE18 ENV/ES/000165


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